Digital Asset Management Solutions for Retailers

Digital Asset Management Solutions for Retailers

Large and mid-size retail enterprises are using DAM solutions to improve their bottom line.

With a DAM in place, you can cut operational costs in your marketing organization while simultaneously making your communications more far-reaching, targeted, and effective. You can also enhance and protect the value of your brand(s).

A DAM solution enables you to efficiently store, organize, manage, access, and distribute all of your digital marketing assets, including logo graphics, product images, promotional videos, ad layouts, and brand guidelines. This centralized system helps your staff, creative agencies, and partners quickly and easily access the assets they need to market your business.

Key benefits of DAM solutions for retailers:

  • Reduce expenses. Eliminate the time and expense of searching for files, re-creating missing files, posting files to multiple locations, and delivering them via FTP, discs, or drives.
  • Improve revenues. Create and deliver assets and campaigns for more devices and platforms—so you can provide more customers with more targeted and relevant offers.
  • Boost collaboration. Help distributed teams work together more smoothly by giving them a central hub for reviewing, managing, and sharing the assets they use every day.
  • Maintain quality. Protect your brand investments. By offering permissions-based access to digital content as well as digital rights management controls, DAM systems help you avoid publishing outdated, unapproved, or unlicensed assets.

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