Digital Asset Management Solutions for Publishers

Digital Asset Management Solutions for Publishers

Large to medium-size publishers are improving their business results by using DAM solutions to cut operational costs and expand their offerings to mobile devices.

By implementing a DAM solution, you can automate your production workflows for greater efficiency. You can also deliver content to a range of devices and platforms—including tablets, e-book readers, and smartphones—more quickly and easily than ever before.

A DAM solution enables you to efficiently store, organize, manage, access, and distribute all of your digital assets, including photography, illustrations, publication layouts, promotional videos, and brand guidelines. This centralized system helps your staff, agencies, and partners quickly and easily access the assets they need to create, promote, and distribute your publications.

Key benefits of DAM solutions for publishers:

  • Cut operational costs. Eliminate the time and expense of searching for files, re-creating missing files, posting files to multiple locations, and delivering them via FTP, discs, or drives.
  • Expand offerings to boost revenues. Easily repurpose digital content across devices and platforms so you can reach the growing numbers of people consuming content on tablets, e-book readers, and smartphones. With more readers, you’ll increase revenues from subscriptions, purchases, and/or advertising.
  • Boost collaboration. Help distributed staff work together more smoothly by giving them a central hub for reviewing, managing, and sharing the assets they use every day.
  • Maintain quality. Mitigate business risk by protecting your brand(s) from common distribution and publishing errors. DAM solutions offer permissions-based access and digital rights management controls that help you avoid using incorrect or unlicensed assets.

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