What is a Digital Asset Management Solution?

A centralized
digital media repository
Used by
a creative organization, like an agency, publisher, or enterprise marcom team
To store, organize, and distribute
images, videos, layouts, graphics, and documents.

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Digital asset management (DAM) solutions are marketing automation technologies commonly used by creative organization including ad agencies, enterprise marketing communications teams, enterprise retailers, and publishers. They offer a centralized location where organizations can efficiently store, organize, manage, access, and distribute their digital media assets. These files typically include images, layouts, graphical illustrations, video clips, audio clips, PDF files, Microsoft Office files, and other documents. By giving distributed team members, partners, and clients quick and easy access to the files they need anytime and from anywhere in the world, DAM systems help creative staff focus more time on their core work.

DAM solutions save time and money in a number of ways. Because they support rich, standardized file metadata, they eliminate time-intensive, costly file searches as well as the need to re-create assets that can’t be found. With a DAM in place, staff members no longer need to post files to multiple locations or deliver them via FTP, discs, or drives. They also avoid many of the expensive errors and inefficiencies that occur when different versions of the same file exist in multiple places. By helping reduce marketing operations overhead, DAM systems free up money and resources that can be applied to revenue-generating activities.

DAM solutions offer measurable competitive advantages. Because they accelerate the process of creating and distributing digital assets, DAM systems help organizations respond more quickly to customer needs and market forces—delivering more targeted, timely campaigns and communications. And because DAM systems make it faster and easier to repurpose digital content across devices and platforms, they help organizations reach more customers in more immediate and relevant ways.

DAM solutions open up possibilities for new revenue streams. For example, agencies can make asset distribution a profit center by charging partners for uploads or downloads. Or publishers can sell or license their content via their DAM systems. DAM solutions also help mitigate business risk. By offering permissions-based access to digital content as well as digital rights-management controls, they protect the investments enterprises have made in their brands.

DAM solutions offer many additional benefits as well, including the ability to create secure, private web portal sites customized for specific clients, partners, or teams. And the best DAM solutions offer seamless integration with industry-leading creative tools, such as Adobe’s content creation and publishing software. Above all, a robust DAM solution offers benefits that span the entire content life cycle, from creation to management, distribution to storage, and disaster recovery.

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